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The Art of Using the Telescopic Steel Baton

Extending or collapsing the telescopic steel baton will become natural with time and practice.  You should always get professional training for the use of this or any self-defense product.  You will be surprised to find how simple and easy it really is to use.  A good strong flick of the wrist to lock the baton into its open position and a smooth direct but firm slam straight down on the point will allow you to collapse your telescopic steel baton back into its self.

The expandable steel baton is the perfect companion to have with you whether walking the dog, that late drive in the car at night or just close at hand when you're suddenly awakened from that bump in the night.

A screw-on, ultra-bright LED Light attachment and/or a pointed glass breaker end cap are also available accessories for that added bit of self-awareness.

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